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The Kempa Group prepares and studies low-dimensional materials from nanoparticles (0D), to molecular wires (1D), to few-atom thick sheets (2D). Quantum confinement effects, tunable surface states, and intriguing charge/mass transport features endow these materials with exceptional properties. These properties not only reveal new chemical and physical phenomena, but also advance the development of optoelectronic devices, energy conversion systems, and quantum computing architectures.

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Paper in Nature Communications!20201110131741

Paper in Nature Communications!

In a new publication from the MOF subgroup, Jaime and Marina demonstrated that growing MOF single-crystals with CVD is a...
Perspective in Pure and Applied Chemistry20201013085000

Perspective in Pure and Applied Chemistry

In a perspective just published in the IUPAC journal Pure and Applied Chemistry, Marta, Ben, and Zhe discuss how host-gu...