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The Kempa Group prepares and studies low-dimensional materials from nanoparticles (0D), to molecular wires (1D), to few-atom thick sheets (2D). Quantum confinement effects, tunable surface states, and intriguing charge/mass transport features endow these materials with exceptional properties. These properties not only reveal new chemical and physical phenomena, but also advance the development of optoelectronic devices, energy conversion systems, and quantum computing architectures.

Please visit our Research and Publications sections to learn more about our interdisciplinary efforts spanning across materials, inorganic, and physical chemistry!


Marina moves to Merck!20200924085229

Marina moves to Merck!

Former Kempa Lab postdoc Dr. Marina Solomos starts this week as a senior scientist, engineering at Merck. Congratulation...
Jungkil joins faculty at Jeju National University!20200916145412

Jungkil joins faculty at Jeju National University!

Former Kempa Lab postdoc Dr. Jungkil Kim starts this semester as an assistant professor of physics at Jeju National Univ...