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The Kempa Group prepares and studies low-dimensional materials from nanoparticles (0D), to molecular wires (1D), to few-atom thick sheets (2D). Quantum confinement effects, tunable surface states, and intriguing charge/mass transport features endow these materials with exceptional properties. These properties not only reveal new chemical and physical phenomena, but also advance the development of optoelectronic devices, energy conversion systems, and quantum computing architectures.

Please visit our Research and Publications sections to learn more about our interdisciplinary efforts spanning across materials, inorganic, and physical chemistry!


Reynolds Defends!20240209130949

Reynolds Defends!

Reynolds defended his dissertation, titled "Controlling excitons in van der Waals heterostructures composed of molecular...
Marta defends!20240111115424

Marta defends!

Marta defended her dissertation, titled "Host-guest mediated approaches for the synthesis of functional multicomponent n...
Reynolds wins ARCS award!20230825150722

Reynolds wins ARCS award!

Reynolds was given an ARCS Chapter Scholar Award for his work on the synthesis of 2D semiconductors. This award came fro...