Tom is tenured!20230324142604

Tom is tenured!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettMarch 24, 20230 comments
Tom was awarded a promotion to Associate Professor with tenure! An accomplishment for Tom that reflects the work put in by students and postdocs and s...
Postdoc Positions available!20230228154500

Postdoc Positions available!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettFebruary 28, 20230 comments
The Kempa Lab is hiring 2 postdocs for projects focused on nonlinear mechanics, single-photon emission, and energy storage in 2D crystals (atomic &...
Tom wins DARPA YFA!20220421115100

Tom wins DARPA YFA!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettApril 21, 20220 comments
Tom was awarded the DARPA young faculty award (YFA) to fund the group’s research in multifunctional 2D frameworks. Several postdoc and PhD proje...
Ona wins GRFP!20220404120900

Ona wins GRFP!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettApril 4, 20220 comments
Congratulations to Ona for winning the NSF GRFP! In addition to many activities outside the lab, Ona’s research will focus on engineering single...
Ben Defends!20211021150100

Ben Defends!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettOctober 21, 20210 comments
Ben successfully defended his thesis, “Synthesis of nanoparticle heterostructures via host-guest interactions!” Ben’s work establish...
Shreya wins PURA!20211019142127

Shreya wins PURA!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettOctober 19, 20210 comments
Shreya won a Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA)! She will be using computational methods to study the growth of new TMD morphologies ...
Tom Featured in JHU Arts and Sciences Magazine!20210627135800

Tom Featured in JHU Arts and Sciences Magazine!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettJune 27, 20210 comments
Our research in atomic and molecular 2D crystals is highlighted in the spring edition of the JHU Krieger School of Arts and Sciences magazine! In the ...
Erick Successfully Defends!20210430105100

Erick Successfully Defends!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettApril 30, 20210 comments
Erick defended his PhD, titled “Modulation and manipulation of transition metal dichalcogenides.” His work advanced the understanding and ...
Tomojit Successfully Defends!20210413214000

Tomojit Successfully Defends!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettApril 13, 20210 comments
Tomojit defended his PhD! In his thesis, “Rational design of low-dimensional materials with tunable optical properties,” he details the pr...
Jamie Successfully Defends!20210317213300

Jamie Successfully Defends!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettMarch 17, 20210 comments
Jamie becomes the first PhD from the Kempa group! His thesis, titled “Structurally and electronically responsive metal-organic frameworks assemb...