Erick Successfully Defends!20210430105100

Erick Successfully Defends!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettApril 30, 20210 comments
Erick defended his PhD, titled “Modulation and manipulation of transition metal dichalcogenides.” His work advanced the understanding and ...
Tomojit Successfully Defends!20210413214000

Tomojit Successfully Defends!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettApril 13, 20210 comments
Tomojit defended his PhD! In his thesis, “Rational design of low-dimensional materials with tunable optical properties,” he details the pr...
Jamie Successfully Defends!20210317213300

Jamie Successfully Defends!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettMarch 17, 20210 comments
Jamie becomes the first PhD from the Kempa group! His thesis, titled “Structurally and electronically responsive metal-organic frameworks assemb...
New paper in ACS Applied Nano Materials!20210121113704

New paper in ACS Applied Nano Materials!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettJanuary 21, 20210 comments
In a new paper out in ACS Applied Nano Materials, Eric and our collaborators at Toshiba showed that the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth mechanism can ...
Paper in Nature Communications!20201110131741

Paper in Nature Communications!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettNovember 10, 20200 comments
In a new publication from the MOF subgroup, Jaime and Marina demonstrated that growing MOF single-crystals with CVD is a promising route towards novel...
Perspective in Pure and Applied Chemistry20201013085000

Perspective in Pure and Applied Chemistry

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettOctober 13, 20200 comments
In a perspective just published in the IUPAC journal Pure and Applied Chemistry, Marta, Ben, and Zhe discuss how host-guest interactions in nanomateri...
New publication in Chemical Reviews!20201001145005

New publication in Chemical Reviews!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettOctober 1, 20200 comments
A new review on the synthesis and properties of TMDs with reduced dimensions is out now in ACS Chemical Reviews! Tomojit and Erick provide a great per...
Marina moves to Merck!20200924085229

Marina moves to Merck!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettSeptember 24, 20200 comments
Former Kempa Lab postdoc Dr. Marina Solomos starts this week as a senior scientist, engineering at Merck. Congratulations on your new position, Marina...
Jungkil joins faculty at Jeju National University!20200916145412

Jungkil joins faculty at Jeju National University!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettSeptember 16, 20200 comments
Former Kempa Lab postdoc Dr. Jungkil Kim starts this semester as an assistant professor of physics at Jeju National University in Korea. We wish him w...
Tomojit receives Ernest M. Marks Award!20200518150600

Tomojit receives Ernest M. Marks Award!

Reynolds Dziobek-GarrettMay 18, 20200 comments
Congratulations to Tomojit for receiving the Ernest M. Marks Award! This award is given by the Hopkins chemistry department to an outstanding advanced...